The skills of emotional intelligence effectively employed, changes individual lifestyle, augments professional achievements and success in social life.

Knowing Ei, We can Change the attitude to the society and we can make a wonderful nation.

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Sreevidya Educational and Rural Development Charitable Society focus youth empowerment through skill development.


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A country like India where diversity plays a major role, has to confront various emotional calamities. Language, Culture, Region, Political style, Climate etc pose major hindrance in developing emotional literacy. However dedicated efforts, keeping in mind all the diversities, can bring out appreciable changes in human life style and the resultant social changes.

Emotional literacy therefore, has to take it's initiatives at the grass root level - a home.

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"Educate for peaceful life", ND Palan and his team do whatever possible guidance to the people to learn understand and apply for achieving peaceful and happy life.

Innovative training programmes, developing emotional intelligence to various types and levels of people are being undertaken since then.


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Sreevidya Education and Rural Development Charitable Society

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